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Debbie Lawrence is a Brighton based painter and skillful colourist. Her paintings Evoke feelings of solitude, joy, contemplation , immersion, and peace.


Themes bounce between the Brighton landscape of sea swimmers , abstract foliage, her love of plants and remembered landscapes. Exploring notions of healing through nature and the restorative properties of blue spaces.


“Each painting is like a puzzle to solve. I like to work on a canvass with acrylic paint and add many layers. A journey of memories through colour, marks and experiences that I add to.

The excitement comes from an intuitive balancing & harmonizing of colours, textures, and brushstrokes, weighing up the loud and quiet conversations within the painting and building the narrative.”


Debbie went to art school in Brighton then on to do a degree in multi media textiles.An experimental textile course heavily focused on drawing. For many years Debbie enjoyed a successful freelance career in textiles , fashion & interiors, working on many creative projects before fulfilling an ambition to be a painter.


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