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'Do not be afraid to disappear to the dark places and to see what comes to you in the silence'

Title of one of my paintings


"I paint from remembered landscapes that I carry with me - and remembered feelings of them, which of course become transformed. I could certainly never mirror nature. I would more like to paint what it leaves with me.”


Joan Mitchell


Debbie Lawrence is a Brighton based painter.

Famous for her bold use of colour, texture & depictions of female sea swimmers.


Acrylic paint is applied with bold confident brushstrokes onto the canvas creating thick textural layers that give the paintings depth and interest.

Debbie Lawrence completed a years Art foundation in Brighton and graduated in 2001 from Loughborough Uni with a BA hons in multi media textiles.

An experimental textile course heavily focused on drawing.


For many years Debbie enjoyed a successful freelance career in fashion & interiors working on many creative projects before fulfilling an ambition to be a painter.

Her paintings often colourful and joyful, contain remembered / familiar landscapes, exploring themes of healing through nature and the restorative properties of water and blue spaces.

Evoking feelings of solitude, contemplation , immersion, and peace.


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