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Debbie Lawrence is a Brighton based painter

She fell in love with the city whilst on her Art foundation.She then went on to do a degree in multi media textiles at Loughborough Uni.

An experimental textile course where she could focus on her love of drawing. For many years Debbie enjoyed a successful freelance career in textiles , fashion & interiors, working on many creative projects before fulfilling an ambition to be a painter. 

Her artistic process often begins with sketching, she takes a sketchbook everywhere with her. Ideas are then taken into her studio where images are bought  to life with her skilful use of colour.

“Each painting is like a puzzle to solve.I build up the canvass with many layers of acrylic paint  A journey of memories through colour, marks and experiences"

"The excitement comes when an unexpected narrative appears in the work ,when I am lost in flow making marks subconsciously, everything else floats away.  

I like to listen to audio books whilst I paint, each painting will remind me of a book I've been listening to.I like to start a new collection with a reading list as well as a bunch of sketches”


Artist open house

i360 group show -the sussex contemporary

The projects in the lanes- private show

Ollie Quinn - Private show


Regency town house " towards the light" group show

Atelier- summer group show

Artist open house -cover artist for kemp town

Gallery 39 -group show


Artist open house - finalist for best open house 


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